Present Appointment

Orthopaedics Trauma Surgeon at City Hospital, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur.

Associate Professor at Dr.D. Y. Patil Medical College, Kolhapur.

President – Kolhapur Orthopaedics Association.


Completed MBBS at Government Medical College Miraj. MS Orthopaedics from Dr V M Government Medical College Solapur.

Also Completed AO Trauma Fellowship in Switzerland.


  • Indian Orthopaedic Association.
  • Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association.
  • National Association of Interlocking Surgeons.
  • ASAMI, India
  • Indian Society of Arthroscopy.
  • Member of AO Trauma.
  • Indian Medical Association

Conference Attended

  1. 45th Annual conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association from 2nd to 5th November 2000 at Jaipur.
  2. Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference from 16th to 17th December 2000 at Mumbai.
  3. Indian Orthopaedic Association -Instructional Course Lecture Series on Arthritis held on 21 April to 22 April 2001 at Pune
  4. Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association’s CME on Geriatric Orthopaedics on 19th August 2001 at Pune
  5. Maharashtra Orthopaedic Associations Arthroscopy Worksop 2001 from 8th to 9th September 2001 at Sangali.
  6. 18th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association from 9th to 11th November 2001 at Mahabaleshwar, Satara.
  7. 5th NAILSCON 2005 from 18th to 20th March 2005 at Pune
  8. IOAICL 2007 Joint Replacement Workshop and Complication in Fracture Management Solutions to the Problems from 6th to 8th April 2007 at Mahabaleshwar, Satara.
  9. Deformity course and hexapod Workshop from 2nd to 4th January 2008 at Pune.
  10. ASAMI Conference from 6th to 7th June 2009 at Bombay Hospital.
  11. Regional Conference of MOA and West Zone NAILSCON on 1st and 2nd August 2009 at Kolhapur
  12. Deformity course and hexapod Workshop from 28th to 30 August 2009 at Goa.
  13. ASAMI INDIA National Conference on Modern High Tibial Osteotomy and Osteotomies around Knee from 17th to 18th April 2010 at Mumbai.
  14. Ganga Operative Trauma Course 2010 from 23rd to 26th September 2010 at Ganga Hospital Coimbatore.
  15. 27th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association MOACON2010 at Nasik from 29th to 31 October 2010
  16. National Conference on Comprehensive Treatment of Non-Unions on 26 Feb to 27 Feb 2011 at Akola organised by ASAMI India
  17. Course on Computer skills for orthopaedic surgeons organised and conducted by BOS on 5th March 2011
  18. Congress of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine from 8th to 11th November 2012 at Jaipur
  19. Management of Severely Injured Limbs from 20 July to 22 July 2012 at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

Presentation at Conference

  1. 46th Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association from 21st to 23rd December 2001, Ahmadabad presented Scientific Presentation on Fracture of Body of Talus and Calcaneus -A case report.
  2. Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India 8th Annual Conference POSICON 2002 from 23 March to 24 March 2002 New Delhi presented Paper on Is Pinning necessary for all displaced Supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children.
  3. Presented Lecture in Workshop on Biomechanics of the knee and high tibial osteotomy at Solapur on 16th Feb 2003 organised by Solapur Orthopaedic Society.
  4. Poona Ortho. Society’s Annual Conference POSAC 2003 held at Pune on 30th March 2003 presented a paper on fracture shaft humerus Keyhole antegrade technique-a VM experience.
  5. Indian Orthopaedic Association 48th Annual Conference IOACON 2003 from 18 Dec to 21 Dec 2003, Chennai delivered scientific presentation Key-hole Technique for Supracondylar Femoral Fractures with Retrograde Nailing- A VM Experience.
  6. 21st Annual Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association Conference MOACON 2004 from 5th November to 7th November 2004, Kolhapur presented Paper on Primary Nailing in Compound Tibia Fractures.
  7. Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association’s Regional Conference MOARCON 2013 from 19th to 20th January 2013 at Solapur presented a paper on Management of fractures in head injury.
  8. 28th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association MOACON 2011 presented a paper.

AO Trauma Course

AO Trauma Course Advances in Operative Fracture Management on 4th to 6th August 2011 at Ahmadabad.


  1. Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association and Satara Orthopaedic Society CME on Foot and Ankle injury from 7th to 8th June 2003 at Panchgani.
  2. AO Trauma Introduction Programme 27 October 2012 at Kolhapur
  3. AO Trauma Introduction Programme as a Faculty on 27th October 2012 at Kolhapur.
  4. AO Trauma Course Principles in Operative Fracture Management on 2 November to 4 November 2012 at Miraj
  5. MOARCON Solapur on Distal femur Fractures
  6. IOA About CME organised by KOA on Medical Management of Gout 2015.

Organisational Experience

  1. AO Pre basic Course at Dr D Y Patil Deemed University Kolhapur.
  2. AO Trauma Ki Pathshala 2019 at Kolhapur.
  3. MOACON 2019 at Kolhapur.


  1. Study of Locking Plate for Proximal Humerus published in International Journal of Orthopaedics Traumatology and Surgical Sciences ( Volume 3, Issue Special July 2016.
  2. Computerised tomographic Morphometric study of last thoracic and all lumbar pedicles in the Indian Population related to Pedicle screw Fixation published in International Journal of Orthopaedics Traumatology and Surgical Sciences (Volume 2, Issue 2 ,June 2016)
  3. Functional Outcome of Proximal Tibia Extra-Articular Fractures Treated with Locking Compression Plating (International Journal of Orthopaedics Traumatology and Surgical Sciences, December-May 2017, Volume-3, Issue1, Page 404-410)
  4. A Prospective Study of Intertrochanteric Fractures Operated with Trochanteric Femur Nail ( The Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association 2013;8(2).9-11